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Congratulations on your decision to take the CPH exam. We wish you the best of luck and hope you find this Study Guide to be useful.

If you are taking the 2018 exam, please select the button below to access the 2018 Study Guide.

2018 Study Guide

If you are taking the 2019 exam, please select the button below to access the 2019 Study Guide.

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This study guide provides you with:

  • Information about the CPH exam
  • Strategies and tips to prepare you for the exam
  • Resources, sample questions and job tasks for each of the ten domain areas
  • Two varied-length practice exams to use as a form of self-assessment to identify areas of strength and weakness

This Study Guide provides you with helpful resources related to each domain area to adequately prepare you for the CPH exam. You can search through the list to find what will help you the most. We invite you to recommend any additional resources to other Study Guide users through the "Share a Resource" link.
Explore each of the domain areas of the exam and review sample questions associated with each area. Each sample question includes a detailed explanation of the correct response. These will help you get to know the format of the exam and get you ready to take your practice exam.
This Study Guide includes two timed practice exams: a one-hour/50-question exam, and a two-hour/100-question exam. Use these to test your public health knowledge and identify which areas you should focus on a bit more before your CPH exam. After attempting a practice exam, you can review your answers to each question along with an explanation of the correct response. Retake either practice exam as many times as you like.
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"When I took the CPH exam, I was looking for a resource that would cover all of the domains. The Study Guide had succinct outlines on each domain and recapped each section with sample questions so I knew where to focus while studying."

Emily Gordon, MPH, CPH
"I earned my MPH a few years before taking the CPH exam. The Study Guide was instrumental in reminding me of the content I needed to review. It set me up for success."

John McElligott, MPH, CPH
Deputy Executive Director,
Commissioned Officers Association of the U.S. Public Health Service
"The ASPPH CPH Study Guide was a fantastic resource allowing me to focus my preparation. The explanations and self-assessments were key to my success on the exam!"

Sarah Weiner, MPH, CPH